Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Should Plastic Bags be in Super Markets?

First -  Ozone layer
Second -  Marine life
Third -  Plastic bags vs paper bags
Conclusion - summarize it all up

Should Plastic Bags be in Super Markets?

I think plastic bags are a very bad choice for the environment. They are very bad for the marine life as well as the ozone layer and don’t forget us as well.
Plastic bags are made from a type of toxic gas. When plastic bags are burnt they release the toxic gas which travels to the ozone layer Which makes the hole bigger.This will let in more ultraviolet rays which will melt the ice bergs.

Sea animals are saying hello to heaven and bye to life because of all the plastic bags that are polluting the environment. We may recognise what plastic bags look like but sea creatures may not. Here’s an example turtles love to eat jellyfish but to them plastic bags look exactly like jellyfish. Imagine you’re a sea creature and you have a piece of plastic stuck in you throat. Not nice at all.

Plastic bags are bad but what about paper bags. Paper bags are just as bad as plastic bags because we are cutting down loads of trees and trees produce oxygen so that we can breath. The less trees we have the less oxygen we have. Then we could all die from the lack of air.

I hope you see why plastic bags are very bad for the environment. This is why we should not use plastic bags in the supermarket. I hope you enjoyed my piece of writing.
Last week in Te Ngahere we wrote persuasive pieces of writing. We were learning to write a persuasive piece of writing. I think I wrote a good persuasive but I think I might have to work on making it a little longer. I hope you enjoy reading my writing.

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  1. Hi Alexis my name is Jahesha I go to Kawakawa Primary School I like your presentation about should plastic bags be in supermarkets. I believe that plastic bags shouldn't be in supermarkets because to many plastic bags get on the street and into the sea and kills many sea animals bye.