Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Visual Mihi

During the week Te Ngahere made a visual mihi. We made visual mihi so we can remember what to say for our mihi. We have to practise what to say and our visual mihi helps us. I chose these images because they all relate to what the mihi means. It helps me understand it because the picture is what the word is on the piece of paper.


  1. Hi Alexis Roxy here from Kawakawa primary school I like how you made it nice and big to read it and to see it clearly. This is really cool how you done Maori words and showing us the English version for us to understand it.

  2. Hi Alexis I'm Dakota from Kawakawa Primary school. I like how you made it very clear on what you need to tell and I also like how you added pictures and made it colourful. Maybe next time do a better font and size and even if you have to do an extra slide do it so it's clear ,well done and happy blogging (: