Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Maori Quiz

In the last few weeks in Te Ngahere we have been making a Te Reo Maori quiz. We were learning to ask and answer questions about classroom items. You use the quiz by reading the question and picking an answer.

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  1. Kia Ora Alexis
    Your work around the Te Reo Māori language quiz is great. It’s very clear and easy to read so ka pai! It’s great that it was multi choice so it gave us a idea of what it was. It’s not overcrowded so it’s easy to focus on the actual quiz.

    We have recently created Māori language quizzes too! Mine was about fruit. We created our games on the website called scratch. What website did you create your games on? You can check out my game on this link to my website:

    Next time maybe you could have us go through the english translation first so that we have some idea of what the Māori word for each of them are. Also sometimes the quiz doesn’t work very well and it says you have it right, but then it says you’ve got it wrong. Other than that I think you did a really great job on your quiz.

    Ka pai!
    Karoro School