Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Haunted House Animation

Once upon a time there was a scary monster that lived in the haunted house. He got very lonely and wanted a friend but nobody liked him because he was a scary warty troll. Sometimes people would come to the haunted house and they would try and be brave but then they would run straight back out the door.

But one day a little blonde girl named Alexis and her best friend with brown dark hair named Brodi went down to the haunted house but before they could get there, they had to cross two horrible obstacles. First they had to cross the lake it was filled with sharks, crocodiles, octopus, electric eels, piranhas, water snakes and stinging jellyfish.

Alexis said, “I know a way through.” She swam through and talked to the animals because she had the power to talk to animals. The animals made a path for them both. They swam across the lake and went to the other side and dried off and stayed there, they also set up a tent for the night.

The next morning they woke up and packed up camp the next challenge was to go through a deep and a dark forest without screaming or getting even a slight scared. They started walking through the forest as happy as can be but they didn’t know there was a bear behind them. Then Brodi felt a little bit of air blowing on her leg and then she felt a slimy thing it was snot from the baby bear. They picked it up and the bear licked Brodi and Alexis on their face the slimy droll dribbled down their faces.

They made it through the scary forest and it was time to go into the Haunted house they thought it wasn’t even a little bit scary. They walked to the top and then they saw the troll then they were starting to get scared. But then they heard something, he was crying, they went over. The troll said, “I have no friends, could you guys please be my friends?” The two little girls said, “Yes,”  and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

Last week we made our own character and setting narrative. I was learning to use speech marks in my writing. I think that they are quite hard to do and that I need to improve on them. They have a lot of rules around them and that is what makes them hard. After that we had to make an animation.

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